3 Ways to Prep for the Upcoming RV Season

Spring is just around the corner, which means warmer weather, sunnier days and plenty of reasons to get that RV out of storage and hit the open road. While you might be dreaming of firing up the rig and setting off on the first adventure of 2023, there is still a bit of work to do beforehand. Basically, the task is to undo what was done last winter at the season’s end of travels. Here are three ways to prep for the upcoming RV season.

Testing Systems and Making any Required Repairs

Test the RV’s various systems and if necessary, make the repairs or schedule an appointment for a professional service. Creating a pre-drive checklist will help ensure everything gets checked and is in good working condition. Systems to check include:

  • Electric Brake System-consider purchasing a low-cost, easy-to-use system tester that also tests RV lighting. 
  • Water system- draining of the antifreeze, turning on water pump and open all faucets, run water until water is running clear and all antifreeze is emptied.  checking faucets and exterior hookups, etc.
  • Shore power- an electrical test kit with a polarity tester is an inexpensive tool for quick testing. 
  • Water heater system-after opening the valves of the water heater, boiler and water softeners, turn the water supply back on and follow the recommendation of the manufacturer on how to fill the appliances. 
  • Run a quick LP system check with a manometer to point out a pressure drop.
  • Check various interior and exterior appliances and parts such as the slideouts (the operation and the seals), the AC roof unit, the converter charging operation, the microwave, batteries, fridge and the exterior lights. Windshield wipers shouldn’t be overlooked, and tires should be checked for proper pressure amount. 

Maintaining brakes, water, electrical, and all other systems is a must for the longevity of an RV’s life.

Stock up on Necessities

This is when the first big expense for the RV Life might hit; picking up all the cleaning, bedding, towels and food supply needed for the new season can add up. The initial purchases might seem excessive, but it will make the process easier once you get everything restocked and ready for the upcoming road trips. 

Restocking the pantry with the food and beverages needed, putting up new curtains (or last season’s washed and stored curtains), placing new bedding and towels in the rig, along with bringing in new cleaning supplies are a few chores to make the season run smooth. 

On the exterior and mechanical side of things, picking up an extra battery or two for storage is recommended, as is storing two spare tires. A first aid kit, some flashlights, batteries and flashing roadside safety and emergency lights are a few other necessities to have on hand while traveling. 

Reserving a campsite in advance can help ease stress when it comes to RVing.

Planning and Reserving your Camping Spots

Now that the work portion of getting road-ready has been done, the fun part of preparing can occur. It is time to plan your route, choose the cities to stay at and reserve your RV campsites. The sky is the limit when it comes to routes and places to visit. If a federal park is what you have in mind, those reservations can be secured through recreation.gov Use this link to explore destinations and activities across the United States and create the ultimate travel itinerary. 

With RV travel population still at a high, the popularity has created fuller RV parks and a greater need to make a reservation early to ensure a space being available for your dates. Once your dates are concrete, and you know where your travels will take you, be sure to explore the city’s selection of RV parks and get the reservation in as soon as possible. Another tool for finding the perfect destination is by using a review site, such as RVLife Campgrounds. Honest reviews are left by fellow motorists, along with pictures and tips pertaining to the campground and surrounding area. Select a state, then narrow down the city and select the campground with a good rating and that offers everything you would like in a camping experience. 

Now that winter is wrapping up and spring is on the horizon, de-winterizing the RV, getting it all spiffed up and stocked with travel necessities, and planning the first outing is on the checklist. Completing these three items will help ensure you are prepped for the upcoming RV season.

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