3 Ways to Sell your RV

Whether you are wanting to sell a RV or you are selling to upgrade, the sales process can be tricky. Knowing where to start can sometimes be the most confusing part of starting a sale. What is your best option to sell your RV?

When it comes time to sell your RV, there are three ways to go: Trade, Consignment and FSBO. There are some pros and cons to each, but listing through a company like ours is the most efficient and effective way.

Here’s a look at the three sales options.

Downside of Trading

Many feel, and we agree, that trades aren’t a good deal for the owner in 99% of cases. The dealership accepting the trade is going to be stingy, offering you as little as possible. Most dealers refer to black-book prices. The book value you use to research a price will be based on the year, miles and overall condition of the rig. While your book might show a value of $16,000, a dealership’s offer will likely be closer to $9,000.

They will be vocal about how it is still in such good quality, but they will only be focusing on the dollar signs they see. They are primarily going to focus on their profit, as is the bottom line for sales lots. Typically, it is reported that a trade offer will be between 20-25 % below the low retail offer price. That equates to thousands of lost dollars for you as well as the dealer pocketing money that you should have pocketed.

Be prepared for this unfair allotted offer, even if your RV hasn’t been owned by you for a long time. Even vehicles that have only been off the sales lot for a short time still stand a fat chance of receiving a fair trade in value. You can thank new vehicle depreciation for that.

So, while it may be easier to trade your RV in, you can likely plan on the cash offer being much lower than you planned.

Don’t let the dealer get the money that is rightfully yours. A little time and patience can save you thousands when you sell your RV.

Consignment Pitfalls

Another way to sell your RV is on consignment.  The downside to this sales option is you are locked into a contract, usually for six months. During that time you can’t use the RV or list it with other dealers or websites. Your hands will be tied. If the consignment company does little or no pitching of your unit, you can’t do beans about it. If you have to wait six months for the contract to expire, the depreciation value will be that much lower.

Also, a pricing window will be set, allowing the broker to sell within that price set without your permission. There aren’t many rights for you as the owner if you go the route of commissioning your RV. The positive to this option is that you aren’t really involved after you sign the papers. This could be a negative for those who are hands-on, but for the ones who just want to be left out of the sales process, it is a positive. With every positive, there is a negative: the typical commission owed to the dealership for selling is 10 %.

From a personal point of view, I would rather keep the ten percent myself, and sell it on my own through a reputable company. Which brings us to the third option.

Selling on Your Own

This third option usually seems to come with the most advantages. This process is easier than you might think and can be completed with a few steps. You control how the RV will be listed and the direction of the sale. The best part? You don’t have to share a percentage of the sale; you will get all the commission from the sale.

So, the first step is to find out the value of the vehicle and that can be started by filling out the short form here. By filling out the valuation form from our website, we can learn about the condition of your RV. We will reach out to you in a short time frame to provide you with a free valuation.

From there, our staff will create custom listings for your vehicle, but won’t schedule them to post until you give the approval for one or all of them. Once approved, we list your RV throughout all the major RV Sales sites, including eBay, RVT, RVTrader and many more.

This option also include a well-rounded marketing package, including, but not limited to, hi-resolution photos, nationwide advertising, regular updates, friendly phone and email support, and a variety of buyer services that will cover things like warranties and inspections. Use this link to read all the advantages of using National Vehicle to sell your RV.

Our sales team is standing by and looking forward to receiving your Valuation form. The first step is the easiest, just follow this link and we will get back to you shortly with the next steps!

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