4 Upgrades to Consider for Your RV

Some of us are weekend warriors, some RV seasonally and a group of us are full-time RVers.  Scores of vanlifers are out there too.  Giant fifth wheels and travel trailers tip the scale in the most purchased and traveled in vehicles.  We have RVers that prefer luxury RV resorts, boondocking in Bureau of Land Management areas, camping in National Parks or RVers who regularly stay in mom & pop campgrounds.  But no matter how we travel differently or the variety of RVs we can travel in, there are upgrades we all should consider.

Here are the top four areas where you may want to do an RV upgrade:

Remote monitoring is a great way to keep peace of mind.

1. RV Upgrades for Safety

If you read about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the theory is a five-tier model of human needs.  If you meet the first tier of having access to physical needs like food and water, shelter and clothing – basic survival needs, then you can move to the next tier.  That tier is safety.  Safety is one of our basic critical needs and sometimes we go about our everyday activities and don’t think to invest time and money into safety needs.  Here are some of the top items that cause safety issues in an RV, yet they are simple to resolve.

Locks: Theft of small items might not be a concern but the violation of your home leaves marks on your peaceful mindset.  Key locks on RVs can be the same from one model to the next.  It is important to re-key your locks as soon as you take possession of it – especially if it is used.  Also consider upgrading entries that require codes.

Stairs : We use our stairs daily without problems and then one day we forget to put them out or we miss a step.  Being in a different environment can also add to slips and debris.  If you find using your RV steps on a daily basis problematic, you need an upgrade.  That may consist of better handrails, new slipcovers or even new sets of stairs.  Do your research but more importantly, act.

Remote Monitoring: You may have insurance for your RV contents but what if you need to leave items behind in RV storage?  Or do you have a pet that sometimes needs to stay behind while you get supplies?  Remote monitoring is an upgrade that will give you peace of mind and a record of what is taking place in or outside your RV while you are away.

2. RV Sanitation Upgrades

Detectors: Not every RV comes with detectors.  Used RVs may have outdated ones.  These are for safety but also to make sure your environment is sanitary.  Make sure your RV is free of leaks or dangerous odors like propane, CO2, and smoke detectors. Upgrade to dependable brands that have features to check them regularly.

Filters: Whether your water is coming from your tanks or an unknown source, having filters in place can protect you from internal infections and more.  It will depend on how many are using the water filters and how much water you go through but you should consider upgraded filters for longevity and cost savings for efficiency.

Temperature Controls: You may have thermostats in your A/C or refrigerator.  Avoiding fires that can result from these items getting too hot is something you need to monitor.  Refrigerators are the number one item contributing to RV fires.  Upgrading the controls and monitors for these temperature features can protect your food sources as well as your safety.

LED lights help conserve power that you may need elsewhere, for appliances, TV’s, or other electronics.

3. RV Upgrades to Conserve

LEDs: Replace as many lights in your RV with LEDs as you can.  It may be a more costly investment up front, but it is less wear and tear on your RV, energy reserves and pocketbook in the long run.

Vent fans: You might also have tech equipment that can get very hot and need cooling fans.  To minimize the repairs or replacement parts you may need, set up vents or fans to help circulate the air.  No need for melting food, equipment or starting potential fires.

Rechargeable batteries : Another upfront investment.  Try upgrading to appliances that you can switch out with rechargeable batteries instead of plugging them in.  But reusing rechargeable batteries also conserves what you drain from your RV – because you can use a DC powered item.

4. RV Upgrades for Comfort & Space

There is nothing wrong with including comfort in a list of upgrades to consider for your RV.  Comfort is among the main experience’s psychologists say can affect our overall happiness.  Think about where you spend most of your time and that is where you should consider some upgrades.  So, let’s get happy with these:

Instant water heater: We wake up in the morning and want to start the day with a nice, long shower but in the RV, we are on a timer.  Especially if you have multiple people to schedule.  The instant water heater can keep up with you and is a great comfort upgrade.

Mattress: Most of us spend the largest amount of time in or on our mattress.  This is not something you want to have an argument with your back about.  Just give in to your back and upgrade your mattress.

Chairs: This is a feature most people tend to not think about but having ergonomic chairs in an RV is a great idea.  Most RVs are small and if you are in your RV, you are probably sitting.  Upgrade to something that works with your day sitting style!

Many of these upgrades are not costly but can have a great impact on our safety, connectivity, and comfort.  Try to pick one area each month on an upgrade you can do.  Most of them ultimately deal with your safety so just start somewhere!

About Lucinda Belden

Lucinda Belden is a travel writer who has been full-time RVing for several years in a 44-foot fifth wheel toy hauler with her husband Will and their dog Cozy. Lucinda writes on all kinds of travel from cruises to motorcycling to RVing as well as travel books available on Amazon. She is also the Program Director for MyRVRadio, the first online radio station for RVers. You can follow her adventures at www.fb.com/DirectionWideOpen.