5 Reasons Why RV Travel is Better Than Flying

Winter break is coming up quickly and with that comes travel!  While flying is usually considered the quickest way to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, there are 5 reasons why RV travel is better than flying.

Whether it is crossing a few states to join in the  family holiday feast or a week-long getaway at a beach town, the journey should always be the best part. Arriving at your destination should leave you relaxed and ready for any itinerary, not regretting your mode of transportation. RV Travel provides the comfort of home during your journey, allowing the trip to be the center of attention.

1. Scenery

A main reason RV travel is better than flying is because of the view. If taking in the scenery during a trip is something you find enjoyable, RV travel is the answer.  Looking through the windshield of your rig can provide plenty of interesting mom ‘n pop shops and unique attractions, especially if you avoid the interstates.

2.No Time Crunch

Being your own pilot behind the wheel of an RV provides so much flexibility within your trip. Want to drive for just a few hours because a town’s event has caught your attention? Bed down there for the night with no worries. By choosing to stay on the ground, there will be no cancelation fees or no missed flights. When was the last time a pilot on a plane adjusted the travel schedule just for you? This is another reason RV travel is better than flying. Stop when you want, where you want, and for as long as you want.

3. No security check points with RV Travel

Anyone who’s ever flown post-9/11 knows the frustration and long wait times for baggage checks, full-body scans and shoe checks. Airport safety is a huge priority and TSA is just doing their job but when you drive an RV, there is no privacy evasion or long waits to have your suitcases searched through. Plus, there is no limit on bag sizes or suitcases. Bring as many items as you wish while traveling down the road in an RV.

4. No Layovers/Luggage Rush

Depending on your flight distance and direction, there is likely a layover. While rushing off one plane after gathering your carry-on bag, claiming your checked bags and then rushing to make your next flight might be fun and relaxing to some, others might appreciate the relaxation of setting their own schedule of drive time and stops. Or perhaps the journey is best with no time limits or schedules.

5. No Confined Spaces with Strangers

For a ticket holder of an airplane flight, who chose a middle seat, a small chair with minimal foot space, a cramped overhead compartment for one carry-on bag and a person on either side is in their future.

Perhaps the neighbors seated around the ticket holder will be chatty, rude, or a sleeper who snores. Its the luck of the draw, really, as to who is seated around you.

While the flight attendants try to keep everyone happy, there will undoubtedly be that one grumpy man or a screaming baby or two that can ruin the entire trip.

While flying does provide a unique view and some saved time, there’s no guarantee it will be a peaceful event. This holiday season, or anytime really, consider traveling RV, and arrive to your destination stress-free.

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