5 Tips to Maximize your RVs Value

The upcoming spring season brings about the need for many to participate in spring cleaning. Purging items no longer used, big or small, including RVs starts happening around this time every year.

 Whether it is just not used as often as originally planned, or you are looking to upgrade models, the choice to sell can be made for a variety of reasons. Similarly, there are a variety of ways to increase the dollar amount of your RV. This article will discuss 5 tips to maximize your RV’s value.

Keep it Clean

While this might seem a bit on the obvious side, keeping the vehicle clean means more than just surface cleaning. In addition to a weekly maintaining clean, when you prepare to show and sell  your RV, it should be just as sparkling and perfect as possible. It should resemble the way it was when it was driven off the lot.

Part of this entails removing all unnecessary items that might be cluttering the counters or floors. Before showing, make sure the interior houses only the bare necessities. Providing as much free space within the RV as possible is important, too. Empty countertops and open floor space will allow the previous buyer the opportunity to view the RV in a realistic manner. They can get a good sense of layout this way.  Not sure if FSBO is best? Reach out to National Vehicle for more information.

A clean RV, is a happy RV!

Upgrade Safety Features

Any upgrades will help set your rig apart from other RVS for sale. Making your vehicle stand out from the crowd can be easy, with adding new products that will make routine procedures a bit easier. Consider installing a backup camera, providing both safety and ease of parking. Purchase and install new alarms such as a fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector, along with a new fire extinguisher. For safety measures to cover the exterior, consider adding motion-sensing exterior lights. Perhaps just stringing up LED lights around door, allowing them to be unplugged at bedtime.

Adding a security system can also be an appreciated upgrade, especially if the potential buyers plan on boondocking in remote areas.  Upgrade the door locks and deadbolts and consider using a keyless door entry; no key, just a code for the keypad. The more new and modern products you have upgraded within the RV will be more reasons why your RV can stand out to potential buyers, as they will have less to install upon purchase. Visit this National Vehicle blog post for more upgrade options.

Protecting the outside of your RV, can in turn, protect the inside.

Stay on top of routine maintenance

Honestly, treat the RV as good as-if not better than-you did when first bought. Stay up on oil changes, tire rotation/replacement, and continue to provide monthly checks on fluids under the hood, monthly checks on window and door seals, and address any problems when they first arise. Putting the extra time and effort in often will work toward the value being maximized when it is time to sell. 

Protect the Exterior

Just as important as keeping the interior clean and neat, the exterior shouldn’t be neglected. It needs some TLC as well. When parked at home, keep the RV protected from the year-round elements with either an RV cover or under an RV carport. A third option is to store your RV in a rented storage unit (most common during winter). Using a sealant spray to protect the exterior is both efficient and quicker than applying wax. Spray and buff, and that’s that. Specifically, pay attention to the crevasses, as these areas attract dirt and dust that can cause damage to window seals and other rubber seals. Covering the tires is also suggested as a way to extend the life of your wheels. 

Timing is everything 

At the start of this article, spring cleaning was mentioned. Early spring is the time when buyers are as serious as buying as spring cleaners are about selling. It’s a time when everything seems possible and the travel bug might have bitten, prompting potential buyers to spring into action. Take advantage of this time frame, as it too will help maximize the RV value. While heavily in demand, it will likely be safe to pad the asking price a bit. 

Hopefully, these five tips to maximize your RVs value will point you in the right direction. Making small changes and upgrades can produce big effects in the value of your RV. Not sure what the selling price should be? National Vehicle offers a free valuation, which can be filled out on their website. Get a free price quote from the professionals, and if you want to hand the selling process over, you will receive quality services at reasonable prices. 

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