A Look Ahead; What we Expect with RV Market/Industry in 2023

The new year is nearly here. Many are wondering what this means for the world of RVing. There are several things that could affect the RV market, as well as the individuals who enjoy RV travel. Knowing these things could help you decide whether to buy an RV or sell your current rig. This knowledge could also change the travel plans you make for 2023. 

In this article, we will discuss our predictions for the coming year, so you can make the most informed decisions possible when it comes to your RVing plans. 

The RV Market will Stay Strong

First and foremost, you are probably wondering if the RV market is about to drop off. Our prediction? The RV market will stay strong into 2023.

People are still turning to RVing as a safe, affordable, and fun way to see the country. Thousands of people tried RVing for the first time ever during the pandemic, and a huge number of those fell in love with this form of travel. For this reason, we don’t see RVing losing its popularity yet for a good long time, meaning the RV market will continue to stay strong.

If you want to sell your RV, doing so in early 2023 is a great choice.

More Used RVs Available

While the pandemic brought a whole new collection of RV enthusiasts on the scene, it also brought in a lot of people who were looking for an escape, purchased an RV in order to escape, and learned that RV travel really wasn’t for them. The result? Lots of barely used RVs are turning up for sale.

We will almost certainly see more and more of those COVID RV purchases turn up on the market as we get into the new year and the springtime camping season rolls around. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a gently used RV, this spring might be your chance!

Easier Access to Campgrounds

With the explosion of pandemic RVers on the road came a serious shortage of campsites. People who had been staying at the same campgrounds for years found that they had to look elsewhere because their favorite spots had all been booked far in advance. Meanwhile, those who once enjoyed spontaneous travel had to start making more solid plans in order to have a place to stay each night of their trip. 

The good news? Things are returning to normal. While there are still plenty of new RVers on the road due to the COVID RVing boom, many of those who originally bought RVs as a way to escape are no longer choosing RV travel. This means campsites are starting to be easier to find, and we imagine this will continue into the new year and beyond.

Campgrounds will be easier than ever to access in 2023.

High Numbers of Full-Time RVers

One of the many things that remains permanently altered due to the pandemic? The number of people who work from home. Many companies saw the benefits of allowing employees to do their work from home during the lockdowns, and after having success with this arrangement, a large number of these companies have chosen to continue allowing the option. 

This fact, coupled with the number of pandemic RV newbies who have fallen in love with RV travel, has resulted in full-timing becoming more popular than ever. Add in the fact that some are using RV living as a way of saving money as the cost of living skyrockets, and boom, you have unprecedented numbers of full-timers. 

Yes, some of the COVID full-timers have since returned to sticks-and-bricks living, but many have stuck with it and new ones are joining them daily. This means that in 2023, we will continue to see more full-time RVers than ever before.

High Fuel Prices and Inflation will Impact Travel

Unfortunately, fuel prices aren’t likely to drop anytime soon. On top of that, prices of everything else will almost certainly continue to rise. This leaves many people scrambling when it comes to paying for vacations. 

In one way, this is great for the RV industry, as RV travel is one of the cheaper ways of getting away, meaning those looking for budget travel options might consider RVing over other options.

That said, because fuel costs are so high, some may find that driving a big rig just isn’t going to fit into their budget. Many others will likely continue to use RVs for travel, but will choose trips that are closer to home in order to save on fuel. Meanwhile, full-time RVers are likely to stay in one place for longer periods of time and hop shorter distances when they do move. 

Parts Shortages will Continue

Rising fuel costs are a major bummer for the avid RVer. Another big pain in the neck? The parts shortages that we’ve all been experiencing. These shortages make RV repairs impossible in many cases, and wait times to have your RV serviced are sometimes unbelievably long. Sometimes, the lack of parts and inability to have repairs made can mean not using your RV for months at a time, something no RVer wants to deal with.

Sadly, these shortages will roll over into the new year, as there is such a demand for the parts that they simply cannot be made quickly enough. Hopefully, the problem dies down a little before the end of 2023, but only time will tell. 

RVing will Remain a Great Way to Travel the Country

Despite high fuel costs and parts shortages, RVing will remain an excellent way to travel the country in 2023. Yes, you might have to plan shorter trips, but there will be more campground availability. If you’re looking to buy in the new year, you will have tons of awesome used units to choose from, and those who choose to hit the road full-time will find an awesome (and huge) community of fellow nomads out there!

Fuel prices and part shortages will be noticeable, so make sure to plan ahead for them.

About Chelsea Gonzales

Chelsea Gonzales has been living in an RV and traveling with her family for 7 years now. She road schools her two children, using various travel experiences as lessons in history, science, geography, and more. During their time on the road, the Gonzales family has had the pleasure of touring the 48 contiguous United States as well as parts of Canada. They have learned a lot along the way and Chelsea is happy to share some of that knowledge through her writing.