Extend Your RV Season, Here’s How…

There are many areas within the country that provide a finite number of days a year to RV. With a little preparation, you can load your RV and not need to return to home base. Or, if you are full-time, you will be prepared for the changes in weather as you move from state to state. Try these simple ideas to extend your RV season. You can fearlessly find yourself exploring different areas at different times of the year.

Layering light clothing you can use in multiple scenarios makes for the best RV packing. 

Pack Layers

To save on space, it is better to pack items you can layer.  For example, a parka takes up a lot of space and it is an item you can’t use all the time.  Make sure when you pack for layers that each item you take with you is something that can have multiple uses.  Taking a tank top, short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt and a windbreaker as well as a shawl will give you just as much warmth as a coat, but each item can be used more often.

Fill up Propane

If you are a well-seasoned RVer, you know propane is an important fuel for your RV because it has many important uses.  It may maintain your refrigerator, provide heat for your rig and be the primary tool for cooking.  You may want to have more than one tank.  A back-up is good because knowing how much you have left is a little tricky for new RVers.  In addition, if bad weather is encountered, getting access to propane may be difficult or hard to find.

Campfires are Your Friend

I heard some complain about campfire smoke.  I understand it is not an option for all RVers.  But, if you are wanting to extend your camping season, having a campfire helps.  In the summer you can cook meals from a campfire instead of heating up the inside of your rig.  In the winter a campfire can provide a little warmth without using up propane.  If you are in a difficult climate, you may want to consider adding a campfire as a feature you search for in campgrounds or for boondocking.

The Weather

We try to predict the weather as best we can, but mother nature can always have surprises.  When you have a longer period to camp, one rainy day doesn’t ruin and extended stay but if you have limited time, one bad weather day can take a serious chunk out of your getaway.  It might also offer you chances to enjoy more temperate weather and better sleeping conditions.

Affordable Rates

When stay at a campground a week or a month, you get additional discounts and amenities.  Staying a week can be like getting a day free and staying a month can be like getting a week free at most campgrounds.  Some will even include your electricity staying a month.  So, consider these budget saving options that make it affordable for you to extend your stay.  Your fuel costs will be less too and RVing is not as expensive as flying, especially if you are traveling with family. RVing is a lot better than flying

Say Goodbye to the Bugs

If you usually only RV during the summer, extending your stay into the pre- and post-season months can reduce the number of bugs you have to deal with.  Vacationing in off-season winter months can not only get rid of bugs but also serious vacation traffic.

Different Activities

One of the main reasons you may want to consider extending your RV getaway is for the variety of experiences you can have.  In the fall you can enjoy experiences like apple orchards, autumn tree viewing, harvest festivals, pumpkin patches and so much more.  RVing in the fall offers more reasons to get out an enjoy different season. Think about all the things you can do with your family by RVing at Christmas time!

Traveling in the off seasons will free you of many crowding issues and give you different opportunities.

Extending your RV season doesn’t have to be more costly.  Combining it with longer stays, extra amenities and free activities offered later in the season you can get more value out of your trip by staying longer.  So, check into extending your getaway.  You may be surprised at what you discover

About Lucinda Belden

Lucinda Belden is a travel writer who has been full-time RVing for several years in a 44-foot fifth wheel toy hauler with her husband Will and their dog Cozy. Lucinda writes on all kinds of travel from cruises to motorcycling to RVing as well as travel books available on Amazon. She is also the Program Director for MyRVRadio, the first online radio station for RVers. You can follow her adventures at www.fb.com/DirectionWideOpen.