If Your Love For RVing Has Left, So Should The RV

RVing is a fantastic hobby and the ultimate way to see the country. That said, it isn’t for everyone, nor will those who once loved Rving love it forever. People grow and change, and that means interests change as well. This could apply to you as much as anyone else.

Did you hardly pull your RV out at all over the summer? Did you realize as you were winterizing your rig that you really didn’t enjoy it as much as usual this year? Have you found a new hobby that is taking up more of your time? That’s totally okay, but if your love for RVing is gone, the RV should really go too.

Here’s why:

RV Payments, Insurance, and Storage are Expensive

First and foremost, let’s look at the financial aspect of holding onto an RV. RV payments tend to be pretty expensive. On top of that, you have to keep up with insurance for the rig, and if you’re storing somewhere besides your own yard, then storage fees need to be factored in as well.

Altogether, all of these expenses can add up to several hundred (or even a thousand or more) dollars a month. If you aren’t using the RV regularly, this is a major waste of money. Not only that, but money being put toward the RV is money you could be putting toward another hobby.

Since everyone deserves to have a hobby that makes them truly happy—and hobbies do tend to be expensive—you are going to want those funds to put toward your current passion rather than throwing them at an old one.

Maintenance Requires Time and Money

Another part of owning an RV that is expensive? Maintenance. RVs require a whole lot of TLC. You have to keep up with the seals to prevent water damage, prevent pests, keep up with engine maintenance in a motorhome, replace broken parts, and of course, keep it all nice and clean while you’re at it.

The cost of owning an RV can add up. If the love of RVing isn’t there anymore, it is hard to justify those expenses. 

Not only does this cost a lot of money, it also requires a lot of your free time. If you’re working a full-time job, this time is especially precious, but even those who are retired or working part-time probably don’t want to waste time that they can’t get back caring for something they are no longer passionate about.

Getting rid of the RV means getting rid of a whole host of maintenance tasks and freeing up time (and even more money) for new hobbies and interests.

Motorhomes and Trailers Lose Value Over Time

Most people are well aware that vehicles lose value as they age. The same is true for RVs. In the vast majority of cases, the longer they sit, the less they are worth. This is true even if you keep up with maintenance and cleaning, but becomes even more true if you neglect the rig even a little—something that is all too common when RV owners simply aren’t passionate about RVing any more.

Obviously, you want to get as much as you can out of your RV. If your passion is gone and you aren’t going to be using the rig anyway, you should really sell it sooner rather than later. This will ensure you get top dollar for the motorhome or trailer, thus giving you a good chunk of money to launch into whatever new passion you may choose.

An RV that is not being used may as well go to a new home. Afterall, one of the worst things you could do to extend the life of an RV is to not use it. 

A Sitting Rig is a Waste

You bought your RV because you loved it. You have likely spent a good number of nights in your little home-on-wheels, and have almost certainly accumulated some great memories in it. This leads many RV owners to want to hang onto their rigs in an attempt to hold onto the memories.

The thing is, those memories are going to stay with you whether or not you keep the RV, and if the RV isn’t being used, it isn’t going to give you any more awesome memories or experiences. What it can do is offer somebody else some amazing experiences and help them make some treasured memories, but it can’t do that while it’s sitting in storage.

Selling your RV ensures it isn’t wasted. It gives it a new life with another family and helps spread the joy of camping with others, even after your personal passion for the hobby is gone. Who wouldn’t want to spread joy in that way?

Lonely RVs Quickly Become Eyesores

You may have good intentions of keeping up with your RV as it sits idly, waiting for you to use it. The thing is, though, if you don’t have plans to take the thing out in the near future, you aren’t likely to set aside time to take care of it. The result? An RV that sits and deteriorates.

As you probably already know, RVs are very susceptible to water damage. If your rig is not being used and maintained regularly, it will almost certainly develop a leak that will very quickly lead to water damage. Bad water damage renders the RV almost worthless, making it much more difficult to get rid of.

Not only that, but as the rig sits, it will become more damaged and dirty—maybe even infested with pests—creating a real eyesore in just a few short years. (We’ve all seen the ones sitting around on people’s properties after years or even decades of neglect. It’s not pretty.)

You Can Always Buy Another RV

Our last point? You can always buy another RV.

If you want to hit the road again in your own home-on-wheels in a couple of years, there’s nothing stopping you from finding another rig you love and starting your RV adventures all over again. Until then, you can use your newfound time and money to invest in your new passion, renting an RV or using hotel rooms for the occasional vacation throughout the year.

Obviously, it doesn’t make much sense to hold onto an RV you are no longer using. Go ahead and give yourself permission to let go of your old hobby and make room for new passions and experiences while passing on the joy of camping to others. You’ll be glad you did!

Not sure how to begin? We are happy to help you sell your RV!

About Kevin Tadlock, President

Kevin Tadlock is President of National Vehicle in Omaha, NE. He is an avid outdoorsman and spends all the time he can with his wife and two daughters experiencing nature. His goals include raising a happy and healthy family, having a positive impact for those around him, and treating every day like a new opportunity. He loves RVs and has enjoyed spending the last 16+ years with a company that connects buyers and sellers throughout the country.