Is Now a Good Time to Sell My RV?

Spring is just around the corner, and many campers are making plans to pull their RVs out of storage and get them ready for warm-weather adventures. That said, if you’re feeling less excited about taking your rig out this year, you may be wondering, “Is now a good time to sell my RV?”

Generally speaking, if you’re feeling finished with your rig and ready to move on to the next hobby, the answer is, yes, now is a good time to sell!

Here are the reasons you might want to let go of that rig right now rather than months or years down the line. 

Camping Season is Near

As we mentioned above, warm weather is coming, and that means people are going to be itching to get outside and do some camping. This is definitely a big advantage for anyone looking to sell their RV, as it means there are more potential buyers who are ready to make a purchase right away.

If you’re hoping to sell the RV quickly without compromising your asking price, spring and summer are the seasons to sell.

RVing is More Popular than Ever

Yes, the camping season does cause a huge jump in sales every year. That said, we anticipate a particularly large jump in sales in 2022, a phenomenon we witnessed in 2021 as well. Why? Because RV travel is more popular than ever before!

You see, RV adventures are seen as a safer way to travel at the moment, allowing people to see the world without exposing themselves to too many germs. Additionally, more and more people are hitting the road full-time since discovering the ability to work from anywhere. These two things combined have created an enormous interest in RVing, meaning those springtime camper sales are sure to be enormous, which makes this an ideal time to sell your camper quickly.

RV Manufacturers Have Failed to Keep Up

A growing popularity in anything is all fine and dandy—until supply fails to keep up with demand. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what has happened in the world of RVing. That aforementioned surge in RVers hitting the roads, combined with the factory shutdowns that took place at the beginning of the pandemic—not to mention all the trouble around receiving certain shipments—has led to a noticeable lack of new RVs on the lots. 

Of course, people who are determined to go RVing don’t stop when a dealership can’t sell them what they want. Instead, they turn to the used RV market. This is where you and your RV come into play. Those folks who are desperate to get on the road in an RV of their own are happy to find a rig that will work for them, and will likely jump on your trailer or motorhome quite quickly. 

Higher Prices Mean Bigger Profits

Not only is your RV likely to sell quickly with the market the way it is currently, it’s also likely to bring in much more than it might have during ordinary times. Our valuation tool will help you get an idea of what you might get out of your rig under current circumstances, and we’re betting you’ll be pretty happy with the results. 

Of course, we have no way of knowing how long this hot market will last, and waiting could mean a huge drop in selling price. For this reason, we highly recommend selling as soon as possible rather than waiting until later. 

We Can Help You Along the Way

We know selling an RV can feel like a lot, and the idea of jumping in immediately might even feel like too much to handle. This is especially true if you, like so many people today, are a busy individual trying to juggle a job, family, and other obligations. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. 

Here at National Vehicle, we make it our business to help you through the sales process from beginning to end. This lifts an enormous amount of the weight from your shoulders so you can focus on the things most important to you, while still taking advantage of this amazing RV market. When you can get help from us, there is absolutely no reason not to get the sales process started right away!

About Chelsea Gonzales

Chelsea Gonzales has been living in an RV and traveling with her family for 7 years now. She road schools her two children, using various travel experiences as lessons in history, science, geography, and more. During their time on the road, the Gonzales family has had the pleasure of touring the 48 contiguous United States as well as parts of Canada. They have learned a lot along the way and Chelsea is happy to share some of that knowledge through her writing.