It’s Still a Seller’s Market! Sell Your RV, Now!

By now, camping season is in full swing. If you have yet to pull your RV out of storage and take it on the first trip of the year, it might be time to consider selling it. After all, that trailer or motorhome isn’t doing much for you sitting in storage when somebody else could be enjoying it.

Feeling unsure about whether selling is the best idea? Honestly, if you aren’t going to be able to get out in your trailer or motorhome much this year, selling your RV is certainly the best bet.

Here’s why we firmly believe this.

A happy camper heading to their next destination in the RV you just sold them!

The RV Market is as Good as It’s Ever Been

Currently, the RV market is better than ever before. RVs are selling like hot cakes, and we’ve seen record sales numbers in recent years. This means selling your RV could be a quick process that will require very little effort on your part. In fact, we’re betting someone would snatch up whatever RV you have in no time at all.

Another reason to sell right now? Increasing RV values. Because demand for RVs has been so high, all types of new RVs and even some used RVs have increased in value. On top of that, the value of a used RV is decreasing more slowly  than usual.

What does this mean for you? It means there’s a good chance you’ll be able to sell your rig for a whole lot more than you might imagine—leaving you with a good chunk of change to use on something else.

Even if you do decide you’d like to go camping again next year, you’ll be able to use the profits from this year’s sale to fund a new rig. In the meantime, you can put that money (and any money you would have spent on RV storage and maintenance) to work for you through investments rather than losing it as your RV sits unused, depreciating all the while.

Selling your RV now, can put extra dollars in your pocket and save you a headache down the road!

There’s No Slow-Down in Sight

Feel intimidated by the idea of getting your rig ready to sell immediately? The RV market is likely to continue to boom for quite some time. This is good information to have because it means you have time to get all your ducks in a row before selling, removing the need to rush, something that can certainly cause sellers some anxiety.

Have a repair you want to make before your RV hits the market? You should have time to get that done. Want to make an upgrade to attempt to make a bit of extra profit in the sale? Go for it! If you need to find paperwork, locate the title, or even just get the rig washed before photographing it for advertisement, you can take a minute to get those things done before this sellers’ market ends. As long as you jump into action now there is no reason to stress.

Capitalize While You Can, Sell Your RV

Of course, the market will slow at some point, meaning there should be some sense of urgency when it comes to listing your RV for sale. Go ahead and make those repairs and upgrades, but then get your rig on the market ASAP.

While preparing your RV to be sold, keep in mind that while there is no reason to cause yourself stress by rushing the process, timing really is everything. Offering your rig up for sale while the market is hot, the season is in full-swing, and the demand is higher than ever is ideal timing and that is the situation we have now and for some time to come. However, as strong as the market is now, these conditions are temporary. You don’t want to miss your window of opportunity that will allow you to take advantage of the sellers’ market, get top dollar for your motorhome or trailer, and sell it quickly and easily.

Stalling for too long might mean you miss out on this golden opportunity. It will, without a doubt, mean less profit. It could also mean being stuck with a rig for longer than you’d like or even ending up owing more than what you can sell for.

Clearly, now is the time to see your RV, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own. If you’re unsure how to begin, we’re here to help. Why not start by using this valuation tool to see what you might get for the RV? From there, we can help you get your rig listed and sold without a hassle!

About Chelsea Gonzales

Chelsea Gonzales has been living in an RV and traveling with her family for 7 years now. She road schools her two children, using various travel experiences as lessons in history, science, geography, and more. During their time on the road, the Gonzales family has had the pleasure of touring the 48 contiguous United States as well as parts of Canada. They have learned a lot along the way and Chelsea is happy to share some of that knowledge through her writing.