RV Travel on a Budget

RV travel has been the norm the past few years, with required and/or requested personal space, fresh air and mask requirements on public transportation services. With the cost increase of everything it, it might be time to learn more ways to go RVing on a budget.

While we know what goes up must come down, these high prices are just a temporary problem. An adjustment is being made in everyone’s lives and adjustments to traveling costs are no different.

The cost of living in general has increased, and specifically, so has all forms and variations of travel. While each type of travel has got more expensive, RV travel can still be cheaper, despite the high gas prices. It’s reported that there is an average saving of 20- 60% when travelling with an RV.

Cost Savings

Looking at the big picture and taking into consideration the money saved by purchasing groceries, as well as the obvious savings of omitting the need of a hotel room stay, the savings by RV travel are unmatched.

Cost of travel aside, airline flights are being cancelled at the last minute in some cases, leaving passengers scrambling to find lodging while they wait on a new flight.

While RV travel should still be a cheaper method of travel, the expense can still weigh heavy. Instead of letting the RV sit idle during this temporary price increase, make changes to your travel and set a travel budget.

One way to help offset the costs of high gasoline prices is to travel local. No need to go to a neighboring state, when interesting areas are likely within a few hours of your location. Pick an interesting town or city a few hours away. Use a page like RVLife Campgrounds to research for unique RV parks within your region and find one with fun activities and amenities. A great vacation could be just around the bend.

Don’t let current economic instability change your summer plans. Many people are still hitting the road and enjoying their RV travel. 

Ways to Save

For the real adventurous and or/ penny pinchers, consider boondocking. Instead of staying at a RV resort, maybe opt for a free stay on public property. This can be done legally, but some research on nearby boondocking locations will need to be done. Consider parking in a secluded spot in the desert, the forest, beach, mountains..etc

Instead of buying all meals at the RV resort restaurant, consider dining out for breakfast and lunch. Items on those two menus are typically cheaper than the dinner menu. Bring along your favorite snacks and beverages. And, after a fun and relaxing day, spend time together in the RV kitchen, cooking a nice meal with easy cleanup afterward.

To help get better gas mileage, try to take only necessities with you. Don’t short yourself on extras, like a full freshwater tank if you plan to boondock.  But, keep in mind water can weigh down and hurt the gas mileage. It’s recommended to travel with a water tank lever that is between empty and a quarter-full, if you will be staying at an RV resort with water hookups.

Plan Ahead

Along with creating a load that will be gas mileage-friendly, plan the route before you leave. Use a site such as GasBuddy that displays real-time gas prices at stations along your route. This will help you purchase the cheapest gas around.

Propane can be another costly need, but there are some tips to help conserve a full tank. Take advantage of the full hookups at the resort and use that for water heating, cooking and temperature control. Another way to reduce your propane usage is to visit the resort showers.

Consider investing in a Good Sam membership. Prices start out at $29 per year and include 10% discounts on the more than 2000 Good Sam Parks and Campgrounds nationwide. Save five cents off each gallon of gas and eight cents off each gallon of diesel at select Flying J locations.  Other discounts include 15% on propane purchased from Camping World and Gander RV retail locations, as well as a Good Sam Campground and Coupon guide that advertises saving over 60 percent. Also at Camping World and Gander RV locations, the membership grants free RV and boat dump stations.

So, just like creating-and sticking to-a monthly household budget, factoring in some of these tips can help keep you on target of your RV trip budget. Tightening the belt for a bit might be difficult, but by making a few small changes here and there, you and your traveling companions can have a fun outing that might not break the bank after all.

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