Stop Guessing, Find Out How Much Your RV Is Worth?

So, how can you answer the question, “How Much is Your RV Worth?”

Determining, “how much your RV is worth?” is not an easy question answer. RVs are a combination of a car and a house, but the technique for valuing either of those just doesn’t apply to RVs.

There are dozens of variables that determine the value of an RV. These include the brand, model, year of production, mileage, use, engine type (if it has one), condition, features, size, floorplan, wear and tear, previous damage and repairs, amenities, upgrades, sleeping capacity, and even the region where the RV is stored and/or used. Every detail impacts its value but what most people don’t factor into their calculations are market conditions. Also worth noting, is that these market condition impact the entire RV industry and can increase or diminish RV sales and the value of every RV.  After all, the true value of anything is what someone is willing to pay for it. That willingness to pay is driven more by the market than the individual features of any RV.  At National Vehicle we are experts in regard to all the market conditions that impact RV values and sales.

RV prices are tied to market conditions

The two primary market influences at play right now are supply and demand.  When the supply of RVs is constrained (as it has been for the past two years) and the demand is high, then the value of every RV increases. But when there’s more inventory than sellers and interest, that tends to reduce sales in the RV market and influences RV values. Market conditions do change quickly and knowing what they are at any particular time is part of correctly assessing an RV’s value. We monitor all these factors constantly at National Vehicle.

Current market conditions are favorable for selling an RV

Consequently, if you’re considering selling your RV the time to do so is now. The demand is higher than the supply.  Interest rates are still reasonably low. The market still favors sellers, and every day your RV depreciates a little more and is worth a little less.  Buyers are aware of the changing market conditions, and they’re rushing to get ahead of the next interest rate hike.  All these factors should motivate you to get off the fence if you’re thinking of selling your RV because there has never been a better time to sell.

There is a demand for all types, sizes and ages of RVs, but the first question is always, “How much is my RV worth?”

Valuation is the best first step

The best first step is to determine what your RV is worth, in the current market.

There is one easy, reliable, accurate way to determine its value. Just tap into our expert knowledge of used RVs and ask for a free valuation.  Every day, our staff here at National Vehicle helps private for-sale-by-owner RV buyers and sellers. That’s all we do, and we’ve helped thousands of people sell their RVs.  We are intimately familiar with all things RV and are knowledgeable about changes in the market as well as buyer preferences and trends.  We have deep knowledge of RV financing, and we monitor the RV supply chain, so we know when the market is about to change.

This is not the best way to sell your RV. 

How to determine, “What’s my RV worth?”

Since getting an RV valuation is FREE, what do you have to lose? We’ll get to work factoring all those variables together to give you an accurate written assessment of your RV’s value.  What you do with that information is up to you.  But it’s hard to have a plan until you know what your RV is worth. Perhaps you’re ready to upgrade to a newer or larger RV. Perhaps you’re done RVing and want to recover the remaining value in your asset. Or maybe you want to sell now and reenter the RV lifestyle at a later time. Whatever your plan is, the first step is to determine what your RV is worth.

For-sale-by-owner RV sales

After you get the free valuation, if you decide you’re ready to sell your RV, the best way to get the most money is to sell it in a for-sale-by-owner private sale.  However, there are some dangers and risks in selling an RV privately and that is another area where our expertise can help you. We work in the private marketplace every day helping sellers and buyers safely transact their business.  For a nominal fee we create ads for your RV, list the RVs on our website and place your ad in all the places where RV buyers search for RVs, we provide step by step tips to make the process easier and safer. We even help buyers search for and secure financing, if needed.

So, what are your choices?

You could sell your RV, or you could wait. But waiting might cost you dearly, because the market right now favors sellers, and all the market conditions are elevating RV prices. Additionally, waiting could allow interest rates to rise, the supply side to catch up with demand, resulting in the decrease in overall RV prices, and all the while, your RV is idly sitting there depreciating in value.

Don’t wait

Take the first step. Get an accurate answer to the question, “What’s my RV worth?” Take advantage of our free accurate valuation, today.

About Mike Reisdorff, Sales Consultant

Mike Reisdorff has been involved in the vehicle sales industry for the last 35 years. He spent the first 22 years owning and operating his own used car business, and the last 13 years helping people sell their RVs. He enjoys traveling with his wife and step daughter, is an avid weight lifter and a proud owner of a Harley Davidson motorcycle that he enjoys riding as much as possible.