Take Advantage of the Early RV Buying Rush

Prospective RV sellers should be scrambling right now to get their RVs prepped and listed for sale so they can take advantage of an unprecedented early RV buying rush.

RVing is an Exciting New Recreational Alternative

Buyers are enthusiastic, (I’d go so far as to say, some of them may even be crazed) to get away from their houses and the confinement and stress we’ve all experienced over the past two years. They realize that air travel may still be too risky, so they’re reevaluating RVing as a whole new way to recreate.  After all, traveling in a recreational vehicle is safer than going on a cruise or flying to a remote destination.  Additionally, many RVs provide all the comforts of a nice hotel suite, but they can be parked almost anywhere.  These enthusiastic buyers have come to realize that they can camp in an RV even in places that don’t have hotels. In fact, for many new RVers the ability to get out into the hinterland is one of the most alluring aspects of RVs.  They now appreciate the reality that an RV opens the door to the whole huge continent, and all these new RV enthusiasts are excited to get started on their travel and camping adventures.

Spring Exacerbates an Early RV Buying Rush

Spring has already begun to blossom in many areas of the country which always ignites a rush of RV enthusiasm, but now with all the new people entering the market (as first-time buyers) there’s an even larger demand for RVs, resulting in this early RV buying rush. Buyers are searching local dealerships and national online publications for the right RV that fits their camping style and their budget.

Camping in a Class A motorhome provides all the comforts of an expensive hotel suite and this one even comes with a washer and dryer.

Every used RV is unique and you’ll need professional help to get an accurate valuation but we provide this service for free when you’re ready to sell yours.

Seller’s Market

Therefore, there has never been a better time to sell your RV.  The demand created by these new RV buyers and the inability of the RV manufacturers to keep up with the demand means RVs are selling at the top of the price range, right now.  You might be pleasantly surprised by what your particular RV is worth in today’s market.  And there’s no better way to learn what it’s worth than to get a FREE RV valuation from our professional staff.  We help thousands of private RV sellers every year. We have our thumb on the pulse of the private RV market and because of our deep connections inside this industry we are able to calculate exactly what your RV is worth.

Need Professional Assistance to Value an RV

There is no Kelly Blue Book for RVs. Your RV is unique so determining its real value requires the knowledge and expertise of industry insiders. After all, the RV inventory starts out being more complicated than the auto inventory because there are so many different types, models, sizes, floorplans, and appointments introduced in each model year. Then add to all those variables, the unique aspects of your RV; its age, mileage, adaptations, defects, and overall condition, and it is virtually impossible for you or any layman to assess the value of an RV. Consignment lots won’t help. A dealership will certainly lowball its value. Searching for comparable RVs in online publications is time consuming, frustrating and will only show you the asking price, not the selling price. That’s why you need help from people who fully understand what the RV market is doing today. And that’s why we at National Vehicle are advising all prospective sellers to act now! The early RV buying rush has created a hot seller’s market.  It’s just like selling stocks when the market is at its peak. If you wait too long the market will soften and prices will fall.  This overheated RV seller’s market won’t last forever. It will also cool, when all the first-time buyers find their dream RVs and manufacturers finally ramp-up production.

Selling an RV Starts with an Accurate Valuation

Act Now. Take the first step today, to take advantage of this unprecedented early RV buying rush. Buyers are standing-by, eager to purchase your RV.  You can quickly exchange your unused RV for cash in your pocket and the process is easy and affordable.  It starts with a free valuation. Just contact our team, complete the short questionnaire, then participate in a brief phone interview to fill in the blanks about your RV.  Our professional evaluators will get to work immediately, calculating the actual value of your RV.  What you do with that information is up to you. At least you’ll be fully informed and if you decide to hang a For Sale sign in the window and park your RV on a busy street corner, at least you’ll know what you can charge for it.

A Better Way to Sell Your RV

But we think there’s a better, safer, faster way to get your RV sold. It’s not complicated or difficult to turn your RV into a pile of cash. For a small fee our staff at National Vehicle will ….

  • create compelling ads that will attract buyers,
  • submit the ads to all the national publications where buyers typically shop
  • assist with calls from buyers
  • help buyers secure financing
  • arrange for an RV inspection, if needed
  • arrange for the transport of the RV to the buyer, if needed

Cash-In Today

If you have a recreational vehicle that you’re not using, then now is the perfect time to cash-in on the early RV buying rush. You’ll receive the best possible price for your RV, and you’ll be helping a new buyer embark on their exciting RV adventure.

About Peggy Dent

Peggy Dent is an author, writer and full-time RVer, currently traveling in the US and Canada. She's driven a motorhome more than 130,000 miles and learned the secrets, delights, and pitfalls of RVing through her own experiences. She shares her knowledge and insights in numerous RV industry publications. You can contact her through her website at www.apeninyourhand.com