The Time to Start Shopping for an RV, is NOW!

Summer is Right Around the Corner

It’s already mid-February and the summer camping season will be here before you know it.  If you’ve been thinking about buying an RV, then the time to start shopping for your perfect RV is right now. The pandemic has created a huge demand for RVs and it constrained the supply chain so there are fewer RVs coming into the market. Therefore, it may take you longer to find the perfect RV for your needs and budget.  Additionally, secondary sales of RVs have been fast paced and competitive, so when you do find the perfect RV then you’ll need to act quickly to lock up the sale.  RV dealers are struggling to maintain their inventory levels and some desperate RV buyers are purchasing RVs that may not even be built for a year or more.  But many used RVs continue to enter the market every day, and these represent your best buying opportunities.

An RV park on a peninsula surrounded by a lake
This could be your next campsite but you’ll need to start shopping for an RV now

But Why is NOW the Best Time to Buy an RV?

Generally, there is a heightened awareness of RVing at this time of year. As the days grow longer and the weather warms up, people naturally start to get the wanderlust. They want to get out of the house and start playing outdoors. The RV industry recognizes this proclivity, so every spring they organize RV shows all over the country to introduce their newest products to an enthusiastic audience of RV buyers. In fact, one of the largest annual RV shows just wrapped up on January 30th, in Quartzsite AR, but there are many RV shows occurring right now, in every corner of the country.

Last Two Years Have Been Stressful

Besides the heightened awareness of RVing induced by RV shows, people are nearly stir-crazy from all the anxiety of the past two years, (lock downs, remote work, remote learning, and cancelled social engagements) has made people desperate to get out of the house.  The need to recreate outdoors is greater now than it has ever been, and people are longing for the beaches, forests, hiking/biking trails, and campgrounds.  As a result of all this, now is the perfect time to purchase an RV.

Family Enjoying Camping Holiday In Camper Van

Get The Ball Rolling

There’s plenty of used RV inventory to meet this demand, but it still takes time to shop, find the perfect RV, obtain financing, make the purchase, take possession of the new rig, and then outfit it for your camping needs. You may want to do some custom work in your new RV: repaint the cabinets, change the window coverings, replace the carpet, service the engine, change the tires, or do some custom upgrades, and all this takes time. The clock is ticking. Every day brings us closer to summer, and the peak of the camping season. If you want to be enjoying your RV adventures this summer, then NOW is the time to get the ball rolling.  Start by looking at all the inventory available on our website and then reach out to our staff about the specific RV(s) you are most interest in purchasing. Don’t let another camping season go by with you sitting on your sofa watching TV. Get the ball rolling today to start your next RV adventure.

A couple enjoying their campfire beside their new 5th wheel in an Oregon Coast campground

Enjoy the Benefit of Buying from a Private Seller Without the Risk

Buying from a private seller makes the most sense even if it presents some logistical challenges.  But there is a way to take advantage of all the peer-to-peer benefits without being burdened with any extra risks or hassles.  National Vehicle makes that all possible. Our sole purpose is to facilitate the transfer of RV ownership between private parties. We understand the process and all the challenges.  We are not a consignment agency or an RV wholesaler.  We don’t buy and then resell RVs. We simply facilitate peer-to-peer RV sales, representing buyers and sellers, much like a real estate agent represents home sellers and buyers. For a nominal fee, we will provide an accurate valuation of your RV, create and place ads in all the publications where buyers look for used RVs, and assist with all the necessary services needed to make the purchase final.  Finally, if the buyer can’t pick up the RV at the time of the purchase, National Vehicle can arrange for the RV to be delivered to the buyer’s location (which could be a couple of thousand miles away).

It’s a perfect campsite on the Maine Coast, but you’ll just be dreaming about it unless you start shopping for an RV now.

Shopping for an RV Takes Time

Now you know what processes are involved in buying an RV from a private seller, so it’s clear you need to start shopping, as soon as possible, to find the perfect RV for you and your family.  This is not an activity you want to hurry through. Deciding what type and size of RV you need for your unique camping style, and the brand and age of the RV that best meets your needs takes time.  It’s a lot like looking for a house, and in the case of full-time RVers, you literally are shopping for a house.

Get it Right the First Time

You want to make the right decision. Buying an RV that is too large or too small can result in woefully unpleasant camping experiences.  In addition to the size, there are many variables to consider when RV shopping: the type of RV, age, floorplans, amenities, features, brands, and costs, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed.  Looking through all the available RVs for sale, can be confusing, but you can always reach out to our staff at National Vehicle and ask questions.

Start Shopping for an RV NOW

Therefore, if you want to be camping alongside a babbling brook and roast wieners over a campfire this summer, the time to start shopping for your RV is now.  Check out our available inventory on National Vehicle’s website. Contact our staff and ask about financing or make inquiries about specific RVs.  If you don’t start shopping right away, you might end up on your couch again this year, and miss the summer camping season, altogether.

Finally, if you have an RV to sell, get the ball rolling now, by contacting our team at National Vehicle to get a free appraisal.

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