Why Fall May Be The Best Time To Buy An RV

People instinctively want to time their purchases to take advantage of sales and opportunities presented by the market.  For example, people flock to Black Friday sales which are legendary, and many online shoppers wait to take advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day sales.  The RV market is no different. With the RV season over for many, you can find more RVs for sale with less people looking to purchase. Making this the best time to buy an RV. 

Don’t Wait: This Is The Best Time To Buy An RV!

But should you wait for a better time to buy an RV?  

No!  Fall is a great time to buy an RV and this fall is especially advantageous. The discovery season is recognized as a great time for RV sales. This is evidenced by the numerous fall RV shows across the country, offering great savings on new and used RVs.  

Buying Decisions Are Personal Not Seasonal

But the best time to buy an RV is actually a personal issue.  It’s when your needs, interests, enthusiasm, finances, and life circumstances come together.  That could happen in any season. There is no reason to believe that your buying decision will be any less productive in the fall  than in the spring or summer. In fact, buying a used RV, from a private seller, in the fall offers some distinct advantages. 

Buyer’s Market

Fall is a time for reflection and re-evaluation and in that process many RVers realize they are ready for a change. Their life circumstances may have changed. They could be dealing with new health, family, or financial challenges, or they’re just done camping. Perhaps they’re tired of winterizing and storing their RV or they’re thinking they may want to upgrade to a different RV, in the future.  Additionally, some of the RVs that were purchased in conjunction with the pandemic are beginning to reenter the marketplace. 

With camping season dwindling for many, an opportunity for patient buyers could be possible.

There are dozens of reasons why people decide to sell their RV, but the bottom line is fall brings an abundance of RV’s into the marketplace every day which gives buyers a wide selection of models, floorplans, and price points.  And it’s easy, now, to find these RVs because the peer-to-peer RV market is fully established and well organized.  Gone are the days of endlessly driving around from one RV lot to another.  Now you can see the majority of the used RVs for sale from the comfort of your couch, through a network of online publications and websites. And a great place to start your search is right here, in National Vehicle’s database.   

Sellers are Motivated to Negotiate Price

In addition to an abundance of choice, fall offers a few other advantages to RV buyers.  Sellers are more motivated to negotiate because winter is right around the corner.  Most RV owners realize their RV will be another year older in a few months, and as such, their RV will be worth even less. Which may prompt them to negotiate more earnestly.  RV buyers have less competition in the fall which also boosts their negotiation position.    This abundant supply of used RVs and less competition translates to a buyer’s market this fall.

Financing is Available

Additionally, RV lenders are still eager to fund RV purchases for qualified buyers and there is an abundance of financing available.  If you need help finding and securing financing be sure to ask our staff for help. Even with rising interest rates, this fall is still an opportune time to buy a used RV.  Sellers are eager to negotiate on price, and refinancing later at a lower interest rate, is still an option. 

Recreational Opportunities Abound

Lastly, we may be on the edge of winter, which is prompting some RVers to sell their RVs but camping and recreational opportunities are still abundantly available all across the sun belt from California, Arizona, and Texas, all the way to the eastern seaboard. Fall is known as the discovery season and it’s a great time to experience RVing adventures all across the country without the crowds of summer. 

Find the Right RV for Your Personal Needs

If your life circumstances have aligned to prompt you to buy an RV, then don’t wait because now is still the best time to carefully shop for (and negotiate) the right price for an RV that perfectly fits your needs.  The one caveat is to be patient.  This process takes time, and you want to buy an RV that’s perfect for you!  Don’t settle for almost perfect.  Keep looking, talking to people, investigating, and considering all the dimensions of your potential purchase. Making sure you buy the right RV will determine how much you will enjoy using it this fall and in all the seasons to follow. 

About Jackie Seals, Sales Liaison

Jackie Seals has been a Sales Liaison with National Vehicle for over three years. She is passionate about helping buyers and sellers feel safe with every sale she is involved in. When she is not working at National Vehicle, she spends her free time with her husband and son exploring the great outdoors. She has a passion for adventure and is always looking for new places to explore.