Why FSBO is a Better Way to Buy or Sell an RV

The RV market is incredibly busy right now. More people are looking to buy than ever before, and this makes it a fantastic time to sell. Whether you’re one of the many looking to purchase an RV or one of the owners hoping to make a nice profit, you may be wondering what the best way to buy or sell an RV really is.

The answer? Buying or selling FSBO (For Sale By Owner) is now and always will be the way to go. 

Don’t believe us? Below we’ve outlined a number of reasons why both buyers and sellers should be turning to the FSBO RV market every time they wish to buy or sell a rig. Once you’ve read these benefits, we are certain you’ll choose the FSBO route.

Two RVs for sale by owner

Why FSBO is Better for Buyers

Let’s start by addressing the buyers out there. Why is it better for you to purchase an RV that is for sale by owner? Below are the top benefits for buyers looking to purchase from the FSBO RV market:

Save Money

Want to know a little secret about dealerships? They are quick to bump their prices up and add on fees. The result? You end up paying more than you really have to for the rig you end up buying.

Obviously, nobody wants to spend more than they have to on an RV. Fortunately, there are ways to save money. For instance, you can avoid all those extra costs dealers tack on by buying from an individual who only wants to sell their RV and isn’t trying to squeeze every penny out of your pocket in order to run a business.

Not High-Pressure

If you’ve ever stepped foot on vehicle dealership property, you know how pushy those salesmen can be. This is because RV salesmen make a commission for every sale they make. This incentive means they get really good at putting pressure on customers, something that makes a lot of buyers uncomfortable.

Generally speaking, owners who are trying to sell their own RVs aren’t going to be nearly as pushy as those salespeople you come across on RV lots. Sure, they do want to make the sale, but their job isn’t on the line, nor are they likely to be as practiced as professional salesmen at high-pressure sales tactics.

More to Choose From

When you limit yourself to only what is available on RV sales lots, you’re limiting yourself more than you might think. You see, there is currently an RV shortage, meaning dealerships don’t have as many new RVs in stock as they normally might. Not only that, there are also many RV styles and floor plans that just aren’t available anymore.

By buying from an individual, you give yourself the option to buy a used RV that is no longer in production or is difficult to find new. This opens up all kinds of doors, especially if you are very particular about the setup of your tiny home-on-wheels.

Why FSBO is Better for Sellers

That’s all great for buyers, but what about the RV sellers out there? How is FSBO ideal for those individuals? Believe it or not, going FSBO is a win-win for buyers and sellers alike. Check out the pros for sellers choosing FSBO below.

Get Paid What You Deserve

We mentioned earlier that buyers are likely to save quite a bit of money when buying an FSBO RV. That said, this doesn’t mean the seller is going to miss out financially. In fact, selling your RV on your own will ensure you get what you deserve for your RV.

Dealerships are stingy when it comes to trade-ins, and you can go in expecting to be offered much less than what your RV is worth. When you sell your own RV, you set the price, and you have the freedom to hold out until you can get exactly what you feel your trailer or motorhome is worth.

Have Control Over the Sale

Not only do you have more control over how much you get for your RV when choosing the FSBO route, you also have more control over when the rig sells and who it sells to.

This is nice for a number of reasons. It allows you to hold onto the rig if it doesn’t sell by camping season and you’d like to use it a time or two before handing it over. If you feel attached to your RV, selling on your own also allows you to hand-pick who your beloved rig goes to, so you know it’s in good hands.

RV Stays in Your Possession Until It’s Sold

Last but not least, it should be mentioned that when you choose to sell your own RV, it stays in your possession until it is sold to the new owner. This means that you can continue to take the camper on trips even while it’s on the market. It also means you can choose to make improvements to the RV or even pull it off the market for the time being if it doesn’t seem to be selling for your asking price.

Clearly this is a major benefit, and one that you will want to take into consideration when deciding how to go about selling your trailer or motorhome.

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