Yes, The RV Market Is Still Hot!

If you are considering buying or selling an RV but wonder if you are jumping in on the trend too late, don’t fear,  your timing just might be perfect. Now is still a good time to purchase or sell, as sales are still holding steady in the RV market.

The sales of RV units are going strong, according to Winnebago Industries’ record quarter. The RV Industry Association (RVIA) published their projection of the demand of wholesale, expecting an average of 550,000 units. While this is a slight decrease from the 2021 calendar year, sales still seem to be holding steady.

Currently, there is still a record-setting production, with more RVs headed toward local dealerships, according to a report from the RV Industry Association. The bump in sales is expected to continue for up 5 years, some forecasts suggest.

Inflation Interfering with the RV market?

Across the board, RVs are still a hot commodity, and the current inflation hasn’t seemed to affect that trend at all. Gas and grocery prices have soared but even that hasn’t slowed down the RV market and the number of  RVs on the roadways. They are still traveling. The number of trips hasn’t changed for most, only the distance they choose to travel. Regional travel has taken preference over the long drive cross-country. Some have pushed their plans for a long trip until next year, waiting on gas prices to lower.

Even with the cost of living increasing everywhere, sales are still occurring daily, leaving sales numbers currently holding steady. For buyers, there is still a variety of models available for every size and budget. Sellers, there are still plenty of soon-to-be RVers looking to purchase a rig. If you want to strike while the iron is still hot, now is the time.

With inflation and rising interest rates being on the forefront of everyone’s minds and pocket books, most expect this issue to be temporary and one they can absorb. If the last two years has taught us anything it is that things change as quickly as the weather. We all expect good times to once again be on the horizon, it’s just a matter of time.

The rising cost of living has affected everything, but the RV market continues to outperform expectations. 

Falling Temps, not Falling Quotas

With fall upon us, the cooler temperatures provide another great reason to jump in on the trend that has gained traction over the past two years. Whether the destination is the New England area, to enjoy Boston chowder and the crisp air, or down south to bask under Florida’s sunny skies, the popular travel choice is the RV.

As mentioned before, state parks have seen a dramatic increase over the past two years. RV Parks are becoming fuller and folks driving the interstates are bound to notice the outnumbering of RVs to cars and trucks.  Fall is a great time to be outdoors, exploring new destinations, and crossing locations off your travel bucket list.

Fall is a great time to buy and to sell, for a handful of reasons. In addition to the previous reasons to buy or sell during this season, here’s another reason. The fall season means holidays and holidays means traveling to the visit the family. A great option is to travel in your own motorhome out on the open road to reach Halloween parties, Thanksgiving get-togethers and a large family reunion at Christmas time.

The temps might be dropping, but the RV market is still hot for buyers and sellers. To browse a variety of models available to purchase, or to validate the sales price of your current RV, head over to National today and reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales staff. Remember, no trend lasts forever, so make sure you seize the day!

About Brooke Bruns, Customer Service Representative

Brooke Bruns is a Customer Service Representative with National Vehicle. She works with our customers from the time they sign up for our services, to the very end once their RVs are sold. When Brooke is not at work, you can find her out on the boat or at a pool with her 3 daughters and husband.